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Horse Areana

Updated: Apr 25

During this time of working in the country, McClain & Stone Construction get the opportunity to install a 160 ft x 80 ft horse arena. We began this journey by taking about 4-6" of clay & grass out the area we're working on. Here is Dustin getting started on breaking ground.

Getting started on horse arena
Land preparation

Working on a pretty steep incline of land chose to be tricking in figuring grade needed so drainage would work right. McClain & Stone push dirt around where it creates a crown in center of horse arena as well as proper drainage.

picture of grading for horse arena
Cutting grade

In the process, McClain & Stone installs a horse fence made of 2 3/8" drill stem with 3/4" sucker rod placed at proper height. Drilling holes every 9 ft apart @ 3ft depth with concrete is how this went down.

Starting fence work
Digging holes

Drill stem pipe with sucker rods
Welding fence

Installing a good layer of sandy topsoil is best for the horses when their owners train with them. We also installed caps on every end of all pipe to ensure no sharp edges anywhere. To see finished horse arena with gates and all check out our Facebook page @ McClain & Stone Construction via Dustin Stone. Thanks

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