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Tiny Home

Updated: May 2

There is nothing better than working in the middle of nowhere and this project is going to be a good one in Winnsboro, Tx. First, McClain & Stone Construction take a 50 ft covered shed down to begin the build. Now it's time for prep work, by adding compacted dirt on sloped side to gain level ground and prepare for a 6" concrete slab with footers as well as piers.

Preparing flat work and forms
Tiny Home

We plan on building a Sloped Roof style home with extended covered porch that heads down the hill.

April 16, we continue digging footers along with drilling piers. It's nice to work in the country. This home is going to be filled with big windows & doors to accommodate the great view. Can't wait to get started. Updated pics!

Preparing flat work and forms
Cutting beams

Preparing flat work and forms
Great Veiw

Smooth finished floor pictures
Finished slab

Slab is a smooth finished floor ready for framework. Also installing 16' x 22' porch with cover on the front. Amazing view.

Picture of front
Piers for porch

Building 22 ft x 16 ft porch facing 3/4-acre pond. Pictures on the way.

2 x 6 framing

2 x 6 framing

Building walls at 14 ft tall on front going down to 10 ft on back. 8 ft tall French door & big windows will make nice view.

Cozy home
Big windows & door

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