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Old Barn renovation

Updated: Apr 25

Over here in Grand Saline, Tx where an old 100 yr. old barn resides, the client wanted to raise the roofs to accommodate their equipment. McClain & Stone took on the job with great delicacy. We installed new telephone poles to reach designated height as well as building a new header with reclaimed wood. We also added a new 60 ft by 20 ft lean-to with reclaimed metal roofing.

This old barn renovation was accomplished with safety and excitement. Here are a few pictures when under construction.

picture of cutting sections and slowly raising them
Raising roof
construct a header

While under construction, Mcclain & Stone seen the cows looking at us thinking we have food for them. These fellas are definitely feed well. The owner mixes molasses with their supper.

Installing the wall
Installing walls

Overall height

This old barn has been through a lot of different weather, so renovations involved replacing damaged wood along the way.

2 x 8 rafters

tying in wood framework

Having a new 20 ft x 60 ft lean-to will be very helpful to cover all of the machinery they have.

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